UAT - The Clues in the Title

By Ray Claridge
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When I see Test Analyst job specs requiring skills in writing UAT scripts, I really don't understand the logic behind this.

The fact that UAT is about the user accepting the software based on their requirements, surely suggests the business users should have this responsibility. If a company is adamant that the tester writes these scripts, then I'm sure they would only be a watered down version of the tests already ran. What is the point in that?

The only time I feel a tester should get involved, is when the business have no or little exerience in writing these test. However, it would only be for guidance.


  • Nick Tulett said:  

    It's not that unreasonable - presumably the users will never have used the app before so they might know what they want to do but not which buttons to push and which levers to pull.

    You know for damn certain that the help files won't have been written yet, so the people most familiar with the functionality will naturally be the testers.