Agile - Changing role of QA

By Ray Claridge
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Most agree the role of a tester will change within agile. Ask a group of so-called experts exactly what these changes are and you'll probably get a different answer from each of them!

I myself like the idea of the tester getting more involved in requirement gathering and even stepping into the scrum master shoes. However, I do see the role becoming more of an QA Enforcer and not necessary executing but co-ordinating tests with business users. These are just my views, but what do the rest of testing community expect these changes to be?

At the recent EuroStar Software Testing event held in Den Hague, Holland, 400 testing professionals were asked: If they see the role changing? and if so what changes do they expect? with some very positive results for us testers!


By far the greatest number (39%) believed that the concept of an isolated QA team will disappear and that instead, QA will become an integrated part of development.

It was also interesting to note that the second largest response was that there would be a change in perspective on test automation, from ‘nice to have’ to ‘absolutely necessary’ (23%).

An interesting variation, however, is the increase in belief that testers are going to have to do more to champion the cause of integration testing, user experience and sophisticated test scenarios.

Results courtesy of Borlands


  • Anonymous said:  

    What is a "Test Scenario"

  • kiran said:  

    Test Scenario is nothing but what to test in application.

    Example: Google mail application
    Possible Scenarios:

  • kiran said:  


    I am new to agile.please annybody answer my questions.

    1.when u preare test plan in agile?
    2.Tester role in sprint planning?
    3.Tester role in sprint reviews?
    4.Tester role in retrospectives?
    4.What documents tester will prepare in agile?

  • qaguild said:  

    I found this article through google search. Very useful information about Agile. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Anonymous said:  

    1.Test plan comes before iteration starts after acceptence criteria
    2.sprint planning is to provide information ,feedback on test,progress measurement
    3.Sprint review,is goal acheived and any impediment executing the test through user stories